ESD flooring measurements - Total resistance ground of the flooring system
ESD flooring measurements - Walking test evaluation
ESD flooring measurements - Floor's resistance to ground evaluation
The measurement of the substrate cohesion - The pull-off test
Epoxy resin flooring dye
The pouring of self levelling floor compound
Surface correction by applying self levelling compound over it
Applying an intermediate layer
Applying an epoxy resin flooring system
Applying an epoxy resin flooring, resistant to industrial traffic wear
Applying epoxy resin flooring within the substrate-to-wall junction area
Applying an epoxy resin flooring system and getting the air bubbles out
Getting the air bubbles out of the newly applied flooring system
Substrate preparation - Treating the joints
Substrate preparation - Aspiration process and joint treatment
Applying excessive quartz sand
Applying a primer coat
Substrate preparation - Aspiration over the surface
Substrate preparation - Scarifying the surface
Substrate preparation - Shot blasting the surface
Substrate preparation
Substrate preparation - Diamond grinding with abrasive stone