We offer an assortment of PVC flooring and carpet flooring ranging from different colours and patterns in a selection of suitable and attractive designs that complement modern, contemporary tastes. These qualities are nevertheless presided by resilience to high-traffic areas. Our PVC flooring and carpet flooring lines can incorporate special features such as: ESD properties, increased abrasion resistance and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal flooring systems. This comprehensive collection of PVC flooring and carpet flooring systems is suitable for use in areas such as civil building surfaces (city halls, hospitals, offices and so on), education (schools, kindergartens), electronics or any other business premises.

The advantages of PVC & carpet flooring:

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Increased resistance to high-traffic wear
  • Easy maintenance
  • A good level of resistance to biological damage
  • Quick-Fix
  • Excellent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • Bespoke integrated design instantly bringing relish and comfort to any interior
  • Anti-Static properties
  • Phonic insulation structure
  • Degree of slip resistance
  • Odourless, no volatile organic compounds
  • In accordance with the international norms of hygiene

In order to take the guesswork out of selecting the most favorable PVC & carpet flooring, DO&DO Company is offering you an increasingly diverse range of models, colours and technologies available for flooring. We truly believe that our products will enable us to provide you valuable products and services satisfying even the most demanding customers. In addition, DO&DO Company can give you expert advice so to make the right choice in identifying the type of PVC & carpet flooring you need, along with a complete set of specific guidelines for these types of installations.

Main points in the PVC & carpet flooring execution:

  • Substrate evaluation
  • Substrate preparation through diamond grinding, stone grinding or abrasive paper
  • Installation of the self leveling floor compound
  • The actual PVC & carpet flooring execution

DO&DO Company has the necessary technology to carry out large working surfaces (3.000 sq m/day by means of shot blasting machines, 5.000 sq m/day of diamond grinding, 10.000 sq m/day of grindings either with abrasive paper or stone grindings), as well as the vital equipment for the production of welding rod, used inside huge industrial halls (3.000 ml/day). We therefore manage to successfully install 5.000 sq m of self leveling compound in 10 hours.

You may browse our portfolio and see photos of PVC flooring produced by DO&DO Company here.


Nowadays, PVC flooring envisions modern solutions, meeting the requirements of a variety of application areas. Moreover, they represent high quality arrays which bind functionality and design aesthetics suitable for any type of building.

Due to their particular characteristics, they are widely used in hospitals, schools, commercial areas, gymnasiums, recreational or office spaces, just to mention a few. Surely, the utility of PVC flooring is not limited to these segments. That is why we must mention the broad application fields coarsely grained, such as: healthcare, education, social, sports and recreation, retail, governmental, industrial and transportation systems.

You are kindly invited to browse the following documents for a more comprehensive view in choosing the appropriate PVC flooring and their subsequent application fields, as well as some technical information on discovering floor solutions by brand and model, such as: Tarkett, Gerflor, Forbo, Grabo or DLW-Armstrong.