Substrate evaluations

DO&DO Company performs the following types of substrate evaluations:

Flooring system recipes

After the team at DO&DO Company has performed the evaluation of the substrate, the next step implies analyzing, discovering and preparing the recipe for the flooring system or flooring systems to be applied.

Substrate preparations

Beyond question, the preparation of the substrate is not only one of DO&DO Company’s typical features. It actually represents the most important phase in the application process of any given system. For this reason, DO&DO Company is able to carry out 1000 sq m/day of substrate preparations.

Depending on the quality of the substrate, its preparation may involve taking the following actions:

  • Shot blasting
  • Grinding
  • Scarifying
  • Milling
  • Diamond grinding, with abrasive stone and abrasive paper
  • Anchorage and crack filling
  • Chemical degreasing

You may browse our company presentation for a more comprehensive view here.

Flooring system applications

Depending on the chosen and approved flooring system to be applied, its application calls for a well-defined technological process, which is in terms dissimilar to the application term of each layer and it ends by the time the system has hardened and is ready to stand up to pedestrian traffic and to heavier loads, such as stackers, forklifts, etc.

DO&DO Company executes the following types of flooring systems:

  • dust-free flooring systems
  • epoxy resin flooring dyes
  • ordinary resin flooring systems, applied in two or three layers
  • special resin based flooring systems
  • industrial epoxy resin flooring systems
  • decorative epoxy resin flooring systems
  • PVC flooring systems
  • carpet flooring systems

The substrate evaluation, the flooring system recipe, the substrate preparation and the application of the flooring system(s) are all interconnected services that cannot be carried out one at a time.

You may browse our portfolio and see photos of the different types of flooring systems produced by DO&DO Company depending on the applied system here.

Repair works to epoxy resin areas

The repair works to epoxy resin areas are carried out in three stages, namely by:

  • scraping the existing area and removing the previously installed flooring system
  • preparing the substrate (if applicable)
  • applying the new flooring system
Industrial grindings

The industrial grinding of various flooring surfaces is carried out either through diamond grinding pills, stone grinding or abrasive paper.

You may browse our portfolio and see photos of various substrate preparations carried out by DO&DO Company here.